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Before continuing to shave your intimate area, read this…….

That is fashionable does not mean it is good for your body.

With the passage of the decades the tolerance that we have before the hairs in the feminine body has diminished more and more. Some women make sure they are completely shaved, even in their intimate area, because it is more comfortable because it makes them feel cleaner or simply because they like it. However, the hair we have there grows for a reason, even if we feel it is not aesthetically cute.

While earlier it was normal to have a lot of hair in this area of the body, now the tendency is to have nothing, as this visual guide shows.

Are you the ones who completely depilate your intimate area? You may want to start shaving just the recess, because removing absolutely ANY hair can be more harmful than you think.

Reasons not to shave:

1. The area is exposed

The hair we have in this area protects us from bacteria or possible infections that want to make their entrance to our genitals. In addition, it is believed that the hair maintains the proper temperature of this area of the body.

2. Does not make your cleaning routine ‘more hygienic’

In fact, with or without hair if you wash well and you clean properly you should not have accumulated dirt or odors.

3. Getting STIs Easier

In fact, the Human Papilloma Virus can be transmitted more easily when it is shaved, because sometimes micro-wounds (not seen) are generated by shaving or shaving, which become easily accessible routes for viruses and bacteria.

If you still have doubts, it would be good to ask your gynecologist. Although from my personal experience, gynecologists are not fans of total depilation in their intimate area.

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