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This is the stunning and dangerous Ubari Sand Sea in the Sahara

Libya is known for harboring very beautiful desert landscapes, but at the same time too extreme. One of the most famous is the famous Ubari Sand Sea, dominated entirely by the sands and filled with tiny oases that, contrary to what we know of them, do not really give any relief to the travelers who arrive to them.

This sea is in the region of Feezan, which comprises much of the Sahara desert. The hottest of all, by the way.

Formerly, Feezan was occupied by a lake of enormous proportions, which was known as Lake Megafezzan.

That was about 200,000 years ago, when the geography was very different and the site received heavy rains, that were derived in numerous rivers.

The last records that they have, date back 3,000 years and were made by the first settlers of the place.

These are ancestral paintings, in which aquatic animals such as hippos and crocodiles are portrayed.

Today, however, there is none of this in the Sea of Sand. With the effect of global warming and the erosion of these lands, the water evaporated almost entirely, leaving only a few lagoons scattered in the more than 100,000 square kilometers covered by this landscape.

In them, the waters have a reddish hue because of the high levels of carbonates and salt with which they are contaminated. They are toxic and the only shelter inside are a few algae, which continue to resist their content.

The liquid of these tiny oases is indeed very similar to that of the Dead Sea.

The dunes lakes of ihhan ubari in libya sahara. With all that, the Sea of Sand continues to keep a certain beauty thanks to the junc√°ceas and the palms that have managed to flourish in the surroundings of each lagoon.

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